Festivals and Events 2016-2017

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World Festivals and Events
These gatherings offer the international traveller one of the best ways to take a glimpse at the cultural traditions both historic and current of the peoples of a country. From commercially driven western style parades to spiritually enlightened happenings; from the well ordered and formal to the chaotic, outlandish and downright bizarre... be there, or be square in 2016-2017!

Brazil is well known for its Carnival's which are considered to be some of the best in the world, which alongside many other religious, cultural and sporting events that occur throughout the year, allows visitors to the country the chance to enjoy the immense atmosphere that is created during such times of celebration... more about Brazil Festivals and Events

Cape Town
The city of Cape Town offers plenty of festivals and events throughout the year, from prestigious horse racing events and glamorous fashion shows to challenging sporting endeavours that often take in some of the cities most scenic locations... more about Cape Town Festivals

Chile offers a wide range of festivals and events throughout the year which includes several religious and cultural celebrations as well as both traditional and modern music and dance festivals, arts and crafts and sporting events.... more about Chile Festivals

Egypt offers a unique selection that varies from traditional events that date back to the ancient Egyptian times to modern day cultural and sporting festivals and events... more about Egypt Festivals

From snake boat races to yoga festivals, India has something going on all year round. The religious celebrations are often rich in colour, steeped with tradition and overflowing with enthusiasm by all those around... more about India Festivals

From deep rooted religious events to historic reenactments full of colour and energy Mexico has plenty going on throughout the year. With music and dance events that offer a variety of music genres to traditional displays of the counties culture and history which includes the impressive Vernal Equinox at Chichen Itza, one of the most impressive archaeological sites in the country... more about Mexico Festivals and Events

The city of Miami offers several festivals and events that include historic dates such as the widely celebrated Independence Day and Columbus Day Regatta to sporting events such as the gruelling and exciting Miami marathon as well as other events such as the Miami Book Fair, Miami Film Festival and the ever popular Mango Festival... more about Miami Festivals

Morocco offers both religious and traditional festivals where you can enjoy local customs, music and dance along with other more modern events for music, art and dance, and sporting events including one incredibly gruelling 150 mile sand marathon... more about Morocco Festivals

There are plenty of events and festivities taking place throughout the year that include several cultural and religious programmes as well as music, dance and sporting affairs such as the international surfing tournament and the Peruvian Paso horse festival where you will be able to see the Peruvian horse breed at its finest... more about Peru Festivals

The historic city of Prague is well known for its long established Spring Festival which attracts many of the finest classical musicians to perform at various locations around the city. Other notable events to take place include the Czech Beer Festival, the Prague Proms and the incredibly popular and bustling Christmas Market... more about Prague Festivals

The eternal city has a huge variety of festivals that range from religious based celebrations to lively street carnivals, music and dance events... more about Rome Festivals

Sydney has a diverse selection of festivities that range from the famous Sydney and Hoopla festivals that are filled with music, dance and entertainment to sporting events such as the Sydney to Hobart Yacht race, the Sydney Half Marathon and the Surfing Festival. Other events include the Motor Show and of course, plenty of events being held at the Sydney Opera House... more about Sydney Festivals

There are several religious festivals taking place throughout the year that include the highly anticipated Three Kings Parade as well as other sporting, music, art, magic and traditional dance events such as the popular Flamenco Festival which offers the chance to see traditional Spanish music and dance performed at its best... more about Spain Festivals and Events