Sydney Tourist Attractions and Travel Guide

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Sydney Opera House

Sydney, Australia Attractions
Sydney in Australia is a modern and energetic city that has several iconic landmarks that together with a diverse range of attractions, sites and scenery make it a fascinating place to explore for both culture and adventure.

The summer in Sydney runs from the beginning of December though to around March and during this time you will experience temperatures between 23 to 30*C. Temperatures in April and May are between 15 and 23 and June, July, August and September usually the coolest months which can be around 9 to 18 *C. Between October and November temperatures tend to be between 15 to 26 *C. Sydney does suffer with torrential down pours which are often at their worst between March and June when the humidity levels also increase.

Sydney Transport Guide
Sydney has a modern and efficient transport system that covers the whole city, making it very easy to get around.

Sydney Beach Attractions
There are many beaches that can offer fantastic swimming, surfing, snorkeling and recreational activities all just a short journey from the centre of Sydney. Beaches such as Bondi and Manly beaches are amongst the most famous... more about Sydney Beaches

Safety Guide
The city is relatively safe but take the usual precautions when going out, such as keeping your personal belongings secure, trying not to walk around on your own very late at night and keep an eye on your drink when at a bar or night club to help prevent having your drink spiked.

When enjoying Sydney's many parks and beaches try to stay on one of the main paths and ensure that you know where you are going and how to get back this especially applies to walking in the Blue Mountains where it is advisable to also have a personal locator and phone on you if you plan to go way off the beaten track.

When enjoying the beaches remember your sun cream and a hat and it is advisable to stay on beaches that have lifeguards on patrol and to stay within the red and yellow flags, many of these patrolled beaches will also have shark nets.

The wild animals are wild so admire from a safe distance and do not feed them, if you want to give a Koala or Kangaroo a cuddle visit one of the animal attractions such as the Koala Sanctuary, Wildlife World or Taronga Zoo who often have tame animals and a photo opportunity ready and waiting.

Sydney Cuisine
There is a multicultural range of cuisine here, that has been inspired from all around the world and the city offers plenty of great quality and fine dining restaurants, several of which can be found around Darling Harbour and East Circular Quay.

Sydney Festivals
Sydney has plenty of events and festivals taking place throughout the year that range from the popular Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race to the Sydney Festival... more about Sydney Festivals

Sydney Tourist Attractions Guide
Sydney contains a wealth of natural beauty that can be found throughout the city as well as plenty of inspiring and symbolic landmarks.