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Mexico Travel Guide
A country beautifully rich with ancient Aztec structures and remnants of its colonial past set amongst stunning scenery that ranges from dramatic and breathtaking mountains and valleys to crystal clear blue waters where coral reefs and tropical fish abound and where you can either loose yourself in tranquil peace or thrive in one of the many vibrant beach resorts.

Many of the cities especially the countries capital are thriving and offer just about everything you'd expect to find such as museums and art galleries, upmarket shopping, dining and plenty of nightlife, as well as down to earth markets where there are plenty of opportunities to pick up some traditionally made handicrafts.

The climate in Mexico varies considerably due to its incredibly diverse geography which often sees higher altitudes prone to cooler temperatures, many coastal areas remaining fairly constant throughout the year and lowland areas remaining hot and humid pretty much all year round with temperatures often averaging between 70 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. May to October are generally considered the rainy season, October to April, the dry season, and June to November the hurricane season.

Mexico is located in North America and is bordered by the United States of America to the north, the Gulf of Mexico to the east, Guatemala, Belize and the Caribbean Sea to the southeast and the vast Pacific Ocean to the south and west.

Travel Guide
Mexico can be reached by plane, bus or car with many flights or busses going directly from the United States to cities within Mexico. Within the country any long distance travel across the country is quickest by plane, however there are plenty of long distance busses available with first class busses the preferred option when it comes to comfort levels. Travel by car is also a great option with many well maintained roads and toll ways in located throughout the country, however be vigilant as the driving culture is a little erratic to say the least. Within cities such as Mexico City you'll find plenty of transport options such as frequently running bus and metro services as well as no end of taxis available.

Mexico's cuisine is bursting with both colour and flavour, there is plenty of variety with subtle differences with ingredients found throughout the country. Corn and bean dishes such as tortillas and tamales are very popular which are often served with fillings such as chicken, pork and salsa.

Mexican food is known for its spices and chilli peppers especially the jalapena, popular dishes include enchilada which has several variations such as a tortilla filled with meat, beans or vegetables covered with a chilli pepper sauce, and pazole which is a stew often containing chicken, pork and chilli peppers.

Another traditional dish is guacamole which contains avocado as the base ingredient often mixed with tomatoes, onion, salt, pepper and chilli peppers. Guacamole is often served with grilled meat dishes such as carne asada which involves marinating and then grilling beef steaks served on its own or within a taco.

Mexico offers everything from bustling street markets filled with carefully hand crafted items to upmarket boutiques selling all the latest fashions and accessories, with Mexico City having it all from modern malls and boutiques to thriving street markets, supermarkets and no end of food stalls.

There are plenty of traditionally made handcrafted items found in many areas with baskets and woodcarvings particularly impressive in Northwest Mexico, such as around Copper Canyon, where there are plenty of traditional items on sale especially along the superb CHEPE Train route.

Around the Yucatan Peninsula there are beautifully made Mayan products with items such as jewelry, woven garments, embroidered clothes, carvings and baskets amongst the most popular.

Adventure Sports
There are no shortage of adventure sports on offer to get the adrenaline pumping as well as others that offer simple enjoyment over the beauty of Mexico's many scenic and unspoiled areas.

With popular activities such as white water rafting and rock climbing the seemingly impossible to horseback riding or mountain biking through some spectacular scenery, diving and snorkeling around impressive coral reefs, whale watching and sea kayaking in the Sea of Cortez as well as swimming in the unique clear blue waters of the countries many inland cenotes are all amongst some of the most popular pursuits to enjoy in this incredibly diverse country... more about Mexico Adventure Travel

Mexico Festivals and Events
There are many colourful festivals and cultural events that take place throughout Mexico which include those of a religious nature as well as energetic music, dance, sporting events, and theatrical displays highlighting some of the countries intriguing history... more about Mexico Festivals and Events 2016-2017

Mexico Regions and Cities

Some of Mexico's Many Sites and Attractions

Mexico Beaches
There are ample opportunities to enjoy Mexico's beaches and stunning waters from the quiet secluded palm tree lined beaches to the modern party all night resorts, you'll find there are plenty of options available depending on your preferences.

The Yucatan Peninsula in southeast Mexico has several superb areas for beach vacations that take full advantage of the Caribbean coasts clean sand, crystal clear waters and no end of coral reefs, such as those found along the Riviera Maya with many places also offering modern resorts close to areas with plenty of shopping, dining and partying opportunities, with some of the most popular places including Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Cozumel and Isla Mujeres. Mexico's southeast coast is also very close to some fascinating Maya ruins including Chichen Itza, Tulum and Chacchoben and offers plenty of versatility.

Los Cabos in the south of the Baja California Peninsula is another superb location and includes the towns San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas which enjoy their location next to the Sea of Cortez, which is well known for its abundant marine life, in particular for whale sighting's.