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Spain Travel Guide
Spain is an incredibly diverse country which takes full advantage of its undeniably beautiful landscape which includes the dramatic snow capped Pyrenees in the north to the Sierra Nevada mountain range in Andalusia and on to the impressive Teide volcano on Tenerife within the Canary island archipelago. The country is blessed with no shortage of golden beaches and shimmering blue waters which can be found along much of the country's incredibly scenic coastline making it a real playground for water sports activities and for sun worshipers.

Spain has a rich treasure trove of cultural heritage and sites of interest which can be found around its every corner, from striking forts and stunning palaces to impressive cathedrals, museums, natural parks and tranquil gardens. The country has both a modern and ultra chic side as well as a deep rooted traditional air of authenticity which can be enjoyed within its many festivals, events and its flamboyant Flamenco scene.

Spain is located in southwest Europe and has sea borders with the Mediterranean Sea, Balearic Sea and the Atlantic Ocean and land borders with France, Andorra, Portugal and due to Ceuta and Melilla also with Morocco.

Regions And Cities
Spain offers a diverse selection of regions and cities each offering its own unique charm and characteristics from the bustling capital Madrid to the party island of Ibiza and on to the tranquil and secluded tiny island of Formentera there is plenty to entertain and choose from.

Spain has a Mediterranean, semiarid and oceanic climate depending on where in the country you are. with everything from snow in the mountainous regions to scorching heat along the south's sunshine coast in the summer.

The mountains in the north of Spain such as around the Sierra Nevada and Pyrenees have plenty of snowfall throughout the winter, keeping the ski resorts in fine form, while the Canary Islands averages between 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit during the winter months and 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer months. Areas such as Zaragoza enjoy warm summers that often have temperatures around the 75 to 80 degree mark whilst winters can be a more sobering 35 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit, with freezing temperatures, frosts and snowfall common.

On Spain's east coast around Barcelona temperatures tend to be cooler during the winter months averaging between 50 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit and during the summer often going up to around the 75 to 85 degree mark.

In areas of central Spain such as Madrid the winters can be quite cold with temperatures around the 40 to 50's or lower while summer temperatures often reach 75 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit and above.

The south of Spain enjoys mild warm winters that often average around 60 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit and long summers with temperatures often in excess of the 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit mark.

The Balearic Islands have winter temperatures averaging around 60 to 65 and from May temperatures will start to rise into the 70's with summer temperatures often well into the high 70's to mid 80's.

Travel Guide
Spain is very accessible from other parts of Europe and has a good network of travel options available:

Spain Attractions
Spain has no shortage of beautiful sites and attractions from its pristine beaches, scenic volcanoes and snow capped mountain ranges to historic World Heritage Sites which are packed with architectural delights and a wealth of history and culture. Some of the many highlights include:

Spain is blessed with a superb selection of beaches that vary from quiet secluded coves to trendy sandy strips lined with palm trees, bars and restaurants. For those who want to combine city with sand then head for Barcelona, Ibiza or Alicante and for water sports the Canary Islands have plenty to keep you entertained with some excellent scuba diving and windsurfing opportunities... more about Spain Beaches

Adventure Travel
There are no shortage of adventure sports available that include windsurfing and scuba diving in the Canary Islands, to skiing, hiking, canyoning, horseback riding and rock climbing such as within the Sierra Nevada National Park to exploring by kayak the many superb bays and coves around the Balearic Islands or simply enjoying the golden sandy beaches and beautiful waters that can be found along much of Spain's coastline... more about Adventure Travel In Spain

There are plenty of retail therapy opportunities throughout Spain from the upmarket designer shops in Madrid that contain all the latest styles to the smaller boutiques of the Canary Islands where you can pick up some unique and fashionable clothing and footwear.

Barcelona is equally well known for its shopping with a great selection of well known brand names and for its malls with the El Corte Ingles packed full of just about everything under one roof. Then there are also the smaller shops and markets that also eagerly await to be explored with some great bargains available for those willing to venture off the main boulevards.

There are also no end of souvenir shops available from replicas of well known monuments to Flamenco outfits that are full of colour such as can be found in Seville are amongst some of the many popular souvenir choices available.

Many of the large shopping malls and designer shops are often open all day from around 10 am through to about 10 pm at night, although there are still many shops and boutiques that close during the afternoon from 2pm to 5pm for a siesta.

Sales are also very popular and usually start around the 7th of January through to about the end of February and then often during the summer as well often taking place between July and August.

The cuisine in Spain is both rich and varied and has several deep rooted traditional dishes, from the wide ranging paella to emapanada and tapas. Some Spanish dishes are simplicity themselves while others have a more wholesome and rustic charm that go beautifully with a bottle of wine.

Different regions often focus on their own style and ingredients with coastline regions taking full advantage of plenty of fresh fish and seafood that is often beautifully blended together with a Spanish twist. There are no shortage of restaurants awaiting to amaze your palate from small cafes to Michelen star restaurants that can be found throughout the country, especially within Madrid and Barcelona.

Festivals And Events
There are several festivals and events taking place throughout the year that include religious festivals and long standing traditional fairs to music, dance, art and sporting events... more about Spain Festivals and Events