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Seville Travel Guide, Spain
The capital of Andalusia contains a wealth of culture and history with beautiful architecture, historic landmarks and tranquil gardens within easy reach of its thriving Flamenco scene, modern shops, exciting nightlife and its bountiful supply of Spanish tapas bars.

Seville's city centre is the Casco Antiguo, which is on the east bank of the Guadalquivir river and is where you'll find the impressive Seville Cathedral, the General Archive of the Indies (Archivo General de Indias) and the Alcazar which are all UNESCO World Heritage sites, as well as the Torre del Oro and the Teatro de la Maestranza.

Triana which is located on the west bank of the Guadalquivir river along with the districts of Los Remedios and La Cartuja and is connected to Seville by the Triana bridge (Puente de Triana) and is an area is well known for its lively Flamenco scene as well as for its pottery. The area also contains the distinct Chapel of El Carmen which was built in 1927 by Anibal Gonzalez and is located close to the Triana bridge.

To the north of the city centre within the Macarena district are monuments such as the impressive Macarena Gate, the Tower of Pellets (Torre de los Perdigones) and the Mercado de la Feria marketplace.

The neighbourhood of Nervion is to the east of Casco Antiguo and is where the large shopping complex Nervion Plaza is located as well as the main Santa Justa train station.

Seville is located in Andalusia in southern Spain about 160 miles west of Granada and 125 north of Gibraltar.

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Seville has a Mediterranean climate with hot summers and mild winters, with December to February often having temperatures averaging around 45 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit with cooler spells during the night.

During the Autumn temperatures often average a pleasantly warm 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit, increasing during the summer months to around 75 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit and above.

April, October, November, December and January usually have the most amount of rainfall with the month of January often the coldest most of the year.

There is a variety of cuisine on offer within the city which includes traditional Spanish dishes as well as international cuisine, with several top end restaurants located within the city.

Seville dishes are full of fresh ingredients and flavour that create some incredibly aromatic and colourful dishes with ingredients such as olive oil, cured ham, cheese, vegetables and herbs a regular feature in many of the dishes.

Tapas is very popular in Seville with an incredible selection of dishes on offer at many venues throughout the city which often include Spanish ham and cheese, olives, seafood, grilled meats as well as vegetable dishes. Other popular dishes include the vegetable soup, Gazpacho which is traditionally served cold and Flamenco Eggs which also often include tomatoes, ham, eggs and chorizo within the ingredients.

Sweet deserts and snacks can include roscos fritos which are sugared donuts and the sweet biscuit known as Tortas de Aceite and the sweet honey, orange and aniseed desert called borrachuelos also popular.

Seville Attractions
There are several historic buildings found throughout Seville many of which show much of the rich history and culture of Seville. Many of Seville's superb historic buildings contain beautiful architecture, fine art and antiquities, and the city also offers tranquil parks, impressive monuments and fascinating museums.

The Sevilla Card is a great option for those wishing to visit several of the cities splendid attractions and it can be purchased from the tourist offices and offers many discounts within participating tourist sites, stores, restaurants, museums as well as on public transport.

Seville has a vast selection of shopping opportunities especially around the city centre where you will find two of the most popular streets for shopping are located, the Calle Sierpes and Calle Tetuan which are both north of Plaza Nueva and are where you'll find just about everything from enormous and well equipped shopping malls to smaller boutiques and shops that offer a wide range of goods from ceramics, art, antiques and clothes shops selling all the latest fashions.

There are also plenty of open air markets that can be found within many of the main squares throughout the city such as the Plaza del Duque and the Calle Feria and the winding streets close to the Cathedral are equally varied and a great place to pick up a souvenir or two with Flamenco dresses a popular purchase.

There are a couple of malls within the city which include the Plaza de Armas which is located inside the former Cordoba train station to the east of the city centre close to the Museum of Fine Arts of Seville and which has numerous boutique stores, restaurants, a supermarket as well as a cinema. And on a slightly larger scale is the vast Nervion Plaza shopping complex which is located to the northeast of the Plaza de Espana and has several floors containing a wide range of shops, from well known brand names to smaller boutique stores, along with plenty of restaurants to help keep you going and a cinema.

Festivals and Events
Seville has no end of festivals and events on offer throughout the year including many events of a religious nature such as Three Kings Parade, Corpus Christi and Easter (Semana Santa) as well as music events such as the Jazz festival and the hugely popular Seville Fair (Feria de Sevilla) which offers plenty of live music, shopping and traditional dancing... more about Seville Festivals and Events

Adventure Travel
The Guadalquivir river offers the perfect excuse for a boat cruise which are readily available and offer a unique perspective of the city and some of its sights which include several unique bridges which connect both halves of the city together. There are also kayaks and other boats for hire or alternatively you can also take a stroll or cycle alongside the river, taking in sights such as the Torre del Oro along the way. Another popular place to cycle is within Maria Luisa Park which offers beautiful cycle tracks in amongst the monuments, statues and botanical gardens.