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This thriving modern city has plenty to offer from its trendy upmarket shopping, dining and nightlife scene to the cities rich history and culture which can be found around its every corner. The architecture is astounding with the Royal Palace being one of the most impressive alongside other favourites the Royal Palace and Cathedral. Madrid also has several squares and parks that each offer their own unique charm and character, many of which are beautifully landscaped and dotted with fountains, statues and monuments offering a welcome break in the heart of this bustling cosmopolitan city.

Madrid has a Mediterranean climate with very hot summer months often reaching well into the 80's during the daytime. In contrast to its winter months which are very cold often averaging around 35 degrees Fahrenheit with snowfall and freezing temperatures also common due Madrid's altitude.

Madrid is located roughly within the centre of Spain.

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Madrid has an excellent transport network that links to many areas of Spain as well to other countries throughout Europe.

Madrid offers a wide and varied selection of shopping opportunities for many different tastes and budgets. There are vast modern malls where you stroll around for hours visiting the many fashionable boutiques as well as bustling markets such as the long running El Rastro market where you'll find plenty of bargains and no end of souvenirs to take home.

The Salamanca District is a great area for upmarket boutiques and there are plenty of trendy shops found here as well as around the Chueca area which abounds with all the latest fashions.

There are also no shortage of well known international brand names which can be found in great numbers around the centre of the city.

Spanish food is bountiful in Madrid with classic favourites such as paella, tortillas and tapas served in cafes and restaurants throughout the city, with some of the most popular eateries found around the Royal Palace city centre area. International cuisine can also be enjoyed with a great selection of restaurants found especially around the Chueca area.

Popular dishes include stews such as cocido madrileno which is a vegetable and beef stew full of flavour. Patatas bravas are another favourite often being served with a spicy tomato sauce and oreja de cerdo which is fried pigs ears in garlic.

Other fried foods also include fried chorizo sausage, croquettes with various fillings and bocadillo de calamares which are fried squid rings as well as fried fish such as hake which are also widely enjoyed.

Ham is another favourite in Madrid and can be enjoyed at markets and restaurants throughout the city as well as the olive oil which is legendary.

Madrid Festivals And Events
Madrid has a great selection of festivals and events going on throughout the year that include both religious festivals as well as cultural events such as the ever popular and colourful carnival to music events, historic dates and even the popular book fair... more about Madrid Festivals and Events

Madrid Sites And Attractions
There are several striking areas of architecture found throughout the city which is also bursting with culture and history from the monuments and statues that can be found within the cities beautifully landscaped parks to the impressive Royal Palace, Royal Theatre and Cathedral and on to three of the cities most treasured art museums that contain many priceless works of art.