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Granada is a charming city that exudes an air of culture and tradition from its historic Moorish palace and fortress called Alhambra to its thriving Sacromonte district which offers visitors a real slice of authentic Spanish Flamenco, whilst all the while never being far from the magnificent Sierra Nevada Mountain Range with its superb ski resort and scenic wilderness trails.

Granada has hot summers with temperatures averaging around 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit and mild winters which are often between 45 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit with frosts not uncommon over the winter months. October through to January are the wettest months of the year with November often receiving the most rainfall.

Granada is located in the south of Spain at the base of the Sierra Nevada Mountains within Andalusia.

Travel Guide
Granada has rail, plane and bus connections with many other areas of Spain.

Granada Districts
There are several main areas of Granada which include Sacromonte, Realejo and Albayzin.

One of the city's main shopping areas is within central and south Granada such as around Puerta Real which contains several modern shops and boutiques, there are also plenty more shops found around the streets surrounding the Cathedral, such as the Alcaiceria which is one of the main areas for gifts, crafts and souvenirs. Other popular shopping areas can be found on the way to the Alhambra or alternatively there are also several large shopping Malls found within the busy city centre.

Cuisine in Granada is typical of the Andalusia with several wholesome dishes that beautifully combine plenty of vegetables, meat and spices together. Many of the restaurants, cafes and bars serve an incredible variety of tapas such as stuffed olives, along with other regional favourites such as Sacromonte and Spanish omelettes, tagines, paellas, soups and cold meats that are equally full of flavour and popular choices.

Many of the restaurants have entertainment such as flamenco dancing and live Spanish music performances which adds to the charming atmosphere of an evening dining out in Granada with areas such as Sacromonte especially well known for their restaurants and entertainment. There are restaurants found throughout the city especially around central areas such as Puerta Real and Albayzin, where as well as Spanish food there are also several restaurants serving international cuisine as well.

Festivals and Events
Granada has a colourful mixture of festivals and events that occur throughout the year including the vibrant spectacle of the Three Kings Parade, the energetic and colourful Carnival and the International Festival of Music and Dance amongst some of the most popular... more about Granada Festivals and Events

Granada Attractions
Exploring around the city's winding streets allows you the perfect opportunity to take in many areas of this unique city, from its traditional white washed houses to its fine selection of historic buildings and gardens that burst with charm and architecture along with tranquil gardens and fascinating museums which contain a wealth of information about the city's rich history. And with the stunning Sierra Nevada Mountains in the background there are also plenty of opportunities to take in the incredible scenery that is also on offer.

Adventure travel
Granada's unique location is only a short trip away from the Sierra Nevada National Park which is great for a variety of adventure sports.

During the winter months from December to about April the Sierra Nevada Ski Resort offers a vast selection of facilities and trails to suit various levels of expertise and is only 20 around miles from the centre of Granada.

There are also numerous peaceful walking paths and challenging mountain bike trails available within the Sierra Nevada National Park which offers spectacular scenery that is set in amongst dense pine tree forests, striking rock formations, green valleys and rambling streams as well as being home to a vast amount of plant and animal life such as the Spanish Ibex, foxes, snakes and toads as well as birds of prey such as the golden eagle and kestrel.

Horseback riding in the Sierra Nevada National Park is also popular with many trails offering excellent scenery over varied terrain which often includes the pine forests and tranquil valleys.