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Rome, Italy Travel Guide
Rome is a truly magnificent city of both an ancient past and a romantic and exciting present, the capital of Italy it offers an abundance of culturally related attractions and outstanding architecture.

The great city of Rome is traditionally believed to have founded by two twin brothers called Romulus and Remus. The two brothers were found by a shepherd called Faustulus as infants living in a cave on Palentine hill being cared for by a wolf, the shepherd took the twins home and brought them up as his own. When Romulus and Remus were older they built a city on and around Palentine Hill. One day Romulus and Remus had a terrible disagreement which ended with Romulus killing his brother Remus and it is is from Romulus that Rome takes its name.

It was during the reign of Constantine I that Rome became established as the very centre of the Catholic church and which later developed into the Papal State. Rome has since become one of leading sites for pilgrims to visit, many of which would and still enter Rome over the magnificent bridge of Castel Sant'Angelo ( Bridge of Hadrian), on their way to visit the Vatican and St. Peter's Basilica which is built on the site of where St Peter was buried.

Rome Weather Information
The weather in Rome is at its best during the months of April, May and June and again around September to October time when temperatures are between 15 to 28 *C. During the summer months temperatures can soar often reaching between 20*C and up into the 30's. The Roman people will often say that the best time to visit Rome is in October and often the word "ottobrata" is used to describe a bright warm sunny October day in Rome.

Tourist Information
The Tourist information offices can be found at the Stazione Termini and at Rome Airport Fiumicino for up to date tourist information on the city of Rome, tourist attraction tickets and transport details.

Rome Sites and Attractions
There are many important and historical buildings, Museums, Piazza's, Fountain's, historic monuments and ruins within the City of Rome. Sites such as The Pantheon, Roman Forum, Circus Maximus, Vatican City, Trevi Fountain and the Vittorio Emanuele II are amongst some of the most popular attractions, and many of the museums and monuments will offer guided tours around them to help give you a real insight into the attraction that you are visiting... more about Rome Sites And Attractions

Guide to Festivals and Events In Rome
From street carnivals to summer festivals Rome can offer it all. There are many music, dance and art festivals that cover a wide range variety of types of music, art and theatre. As well as holding other events such as the stunning fashion show Women Under The Stars, which is held on the Spanish Steps... More about Rome Festivals And Events

Travel Guide
Getting around Rome is fairly straight forward with the busses, trams and metro running frequent services. The majority of major tourist attractions are also fairly close together making it easy to travel around on foot and take in Rome's atmoshpere.

Travel Advice
Rome is like many other popular travel destinations around the world when it comes to crime.