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Asia Travel Guide
Asia has a diverse geography well known for its superb snow topped mountain ranges that provide a a rare challenge for extreme climbers who dare to challenge the formiddible Mount Everest.

In stark contrast to the glaciers are stunning palm tree lined sandy beaches with cryctal clear waters that are rich with colourful fauna and flora.

Asia has a wealth of culture, history and superb architecture with stunning Forts, Temples, Mosques and Mausoleums as well as monumental landmark structures.

Asia's major capial cities are affluent, modern and bustling as well as culturally diverse with other areas offering a wonderful blend of old meets new.

Asia Travel Considerations:

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The classic destination in Asia for the western traveller looking for the exotic, with a culture teaming with vibrant and sometimes otherworldly sensibilities, from the still crazy psychedelic to the remnants of stuffy colonialism and British Empire, a plethora of colourful flora and fauna, outstanding beaches and the glitz of Bollywood.

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