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India Travel Guide
India is the classic destination in Asia for the western traveller looking for the exotic, with a culture teaming with vibrant and sometimes otherworldly sensibilities, from the still crazy psychedelic to the remnants of stuffy colonialism and British Empire, a plethora of colourful flora and fauna, outstanding beaches and the glitz of Bollywood!

Weather Information
India has a mainly tropical climate with four seasons:

Due to India's diverse geography, various areas are prone to high humidity, flooding, draught, tropical hurricanes and monsoons.

Transport Guide
India has a rather creative transport system that is not known for either its punctuality or reliability of services, which are often delayed extensively and in some cases cancelled altogether, so try to allow yourself plenty of time to get to any destination!

India Cuisine
The cuisine in India is colourful, diverse, rich in spices and in some cases extremely hot due to the love of chillies. Vegetarian food is widely found and there is a bountiful supply of fruits such as mangoes, bananas, oranges, pineapple, coconut, apricots and peaches. The meats most widely used are chicken and mutton, the use of pork is not popular due to the Muslim religion.

Different regions have there own specialities; in the south the use of rice, fish, coconut and pulses are used to create dishes such as the curry Sambhar, the vegetable dish Avial, rice pancakes called Dosa. To the east, fish and rice dishes such as the fish curry known as Maccher Jhol are popular. Cuisine in the west is known for its vegetarian dishes such as Dhokla, Shrikand, Undhiu Kand Na Bhajia. To the north you will find a variety of breads such as naan and chapatti and several dishes are well spiced and make use of lentils, vegetables and rice such as the lentil curry Daal and Tandoori chicken.

India Shopping Guide
From markets to shopping malls, India has it all. Delhi is well known for its street markets such as Dilli Haat and the vast Chandni Chowk shopping district where you can obtain a wide range of goods from antique furniture to beautiful fabrics and homewares If your a lover of shopping malls then head for Delhi's Citywalk or to the many shopping malls in Mumbai.

Carved products made of wood, stone and marble are often of excellent quality and can be found throughout much of India as well as jewelry which is also beautifully made and often found at its best in cities such as Delhi. Street vendors will expect you to haggle as the price is often set much higher than it should be, so it is a good idea to have a really good shop around for the item you are looking for as quality and price will vary, alternatively ask someone who you trust what a reasonable value of the item would be.

Regional Travel Guide To India
India has a diverse landscape and built environment, somewhat resembling a continent in its own right, with three distinct coasts, the worlds most impressive mountain range to the north and a huge central plateau, covering everything from cold high altitude and drought ridden desert to tropical rainforest and savannah...

Best Beaches
India has some incredibly beautiful and tranquil beaches that offer perfect conditions for swimming, snorkeling and watersport activities. Some of the most popular beach areas in India are at Goa, Maharashtra, Chennai, Orissa and Kerala... more about the Best Beaches in India

Adventure Travel
India is a real adventure playground and offers great opportunities to really enjoy many of India's natural resources with activities such as skiing, mountaineering, trekking, mountain biking, river rafting and safaris... more about India Adventure Travel

There are simply hundreds of religious festivals, fairs and events taking place throughout the year all over India... more about India Festivals and Events 2016-2017

India Travel Tourist Attractions Guide
India has a wealth of history and culture that has been beautifully preserved in several attractions, in particular several Palaces and Forts, below is a glimpse of some of the most popular and well visited attractions of India:

India Deserts of The Central Deccan Plateau Travel
The area that makes up the Deserts of the Central Deccan Plateau is a large plateau that is nestled between the Western Ghats, Eastern Ghats and the Vindhya and Satpura mountain ranges in the south of India... more about Deserts of the Central Deccan Plateau

East Coast of India and The Bay Of Bengal Travel
The east coast is positioned alongside the Bay of Bengal which is the largest Bay in the World and the Eastern Ghats mountain range, the whole area is rich in natural habitat and wildlife... more about East Coast And The Bay Of Bengal

Indian Empires Of The North Travel
The area that makes up the Empires of the North was largely shaped by the Mughal Empire who's architectural styles and structures still live on and continue to impresses today... more about the Empires of the North

Golden Triangle if India Travel
One of the most popular ways to explore India is via the Golden Triangle where Delhi, Agra and Jaipur are visited and you will find some of the most culturally rich areas, filled with immense history and superb architecture... more about the Golden Triangle

Himalayan Foothills of India Travel
The Himalayan Foothills are situated in the north of India and follow the lower ranges of the Himalayan mountain range, which features superb scenery, rugged landscapes, lush green valleys, dense forests and plenty of Hill Stations... more about the Himalayan Foothills

Kerala and The South Coast of India Travel
This beautiful area is positioned between the Western Ghats mountain range and the Arabian Sea and is well known for its hospitality, superb beaches, dense forests, wildlife preserves and plenty of attractions... more about Kerala and the South Coast

North Eastern India Travel
This is one of the more rural areas of India that has plenty of natural habitat and is well known for its bountiful supply of wildlife, waterfalls, lakes and green vegetation... more about North Eastern India

The Plains Travel
The Plains is a vast area that is steeped with heritage and culture and considered to be heart of the country... more about the The Plains

Mumbai, Goa and The West Coast of India Travel
Mumbai, Goa and the West coast contains some of India's best beaches and lies inbetween the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats... more about Mumbai, Goa and the West Coast