Delhi Travel Guide

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Delhi Travel Guide
Delhi, the capital city of India, is situated in the Punjab Region and is filled with great contrast between old and new, from its rich and colorful history to the modern and ever growing metropolis that makes up New Delhi.

The city itself lies next to the Yamuna River and has many magnificent temples, forts and mosques which permit you to gain insight into Delhi's intriguing history and culture as well as enjoying both its modern and ancient architecture. Delhi also has a modern city centre with a growing business centre and many upmarket shops, restaurants and night clubs to keep you entertained.

Weather Guide
Delhi has a very hot and humid, sub tropical climate with April, May, June, July, August and September often seeing temperatures in the high 20's and 30*C's with May and June being the hottest months with temperatures often at the higher 40 *C end of the scale. The most amount of rainfall occurs around July, August and September time with November, December and January being the coolest months with temperatures in the region of 8 to 20 *C.

A mixture of languages are spoken here such as Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu and English.

Delhi Cuisine
The food in Delhi is now more varied than ever with a large amount of colorful, spicy and traditional foods that are full of flavour such as bityani, bhelpuri and chaat.

There are roadside sellers and stalls available all around the city with many of the more popular restaurants located in central areas such as Connaught Place and Chanakyapuri where you will find there are many Indian, Chinese and Italian restaurants available as well as several fast food options allowing New Delhi to supply you with anything from a pizza or burger to some creative and colorful traditional food.

Delhi Travel Information
The City of Delhi is in the process of modernizing and upgrading its transport network with much work being done to improve the bus, train, metro and international airport.

Travel Safety Advice
As with many cities all around the world be careful of pickpockets and try to keep your wallet and any personnel possessions in a safe place, especially when you find yourself in crowded streets or on public transport. It is a good idea to make all your travel plans and hotel bookings in advance so that you know you will be organized when you get there. There are certain places, such as mosques where you will need ensure that your footwear is removed and your legs, shoulders and head are covered in order to gain access.

Delhi Festivals and Events
Delhi has some wonderful festivals throughout the year such as the Festival of Flower sellers which is full of color and festivities. The celebration and parade that goes with Republic Day is one of the biggest celebrations in Delhi in which the President of India attends and also addresses the nation... more about Delhi Festivals and Events

Delhi Travel Attractions Guide
Delhi has many interesting sites of interest that range from museums, impressive forts, ancient ruins and temples both old and new to beautiful areas filled with wildlife.