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Antarctica Travel Guide
This is a truly amazing place to travel to and it's the driest, coldest and most unpopulated place on earth! For those of us with good sea legs there can be no more an awe inspiring trip than to our only wilderness continent, where but a few hundred scientists hang out to study the rocky ice-scapes.

Penguins and other more flighty birds, seals and whales, and some more primitive marine creatures will be your only company in Antarctica, except for the travellers on the vessel you take to get there, so be prepared for pristine ice-scapes with sub zero wildness on the coolest continent on Earth!

When To Travel
The severe winter here limits tourism to the summer season which runs from November to March. November-December is best for Penguin courtship; December-January is best for temperature, night time sky, and baby animals; February-March is best for whale watching.

Antarctica Regions Guide
With no significant current buildings to speak of and little history of them either, discussing the attractions on this huge frozen lump of rock, is a little limited (relatively speaking).

Logistics dictate however that certain places all of which are on the coast or smaller islands off of it, are likely to be on the tour itineraries of various cruises, and it is these we shall look at.

Note that Antarctica is the only continent in the world that no one actually owns, though many countries make claims. For the time being it is agreed that these claims are not substantiated.

North Antarctica and The Antarctic Peninsula
The part of the continent that reaches out through the Southern Ocean towards the most southerly part of South America (Argentina and Chile), is the most visited part, and fortunately it is also quite spectacular.

South Antarctica and The East Antarctic
It is along this unique stretch of coastline that you will be able to observe spectacular wildlife and dramatic scenery while also having the opportunity to step back in time visiting the unique expedition huts from the great age of antarctic exploration.

Specialist Travel Guide
This is a very intense place, with two things which make it rather remarkable... the animals, and the climate.

Antarctic Cruises
The only air strips on the continent are basically for the scientists, so anyone else gets there by sea. Indeed, anything a traveller is likely to want to look at is living next to the sea, or falling into it!

Antarctic cruises typically sail from South America to the Antarctic Peninsula, or from New Zealand or Australia to the Ross Sea and East Antarctic due to the obvious distance logistics... more about Antarctica Cruises