Almond Tree Festival

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Almond Tree Festival
The spectacular Almond Tree Festival is not only an important event for the local community but also one that attracts visitors from all over Morocco and the rest of the world as well, who come to marvel at the natural beauty of the blossoming of the almond trees as well as to enjoy the wide range of festivities that take place in this ever growing and popular event.

The festival includes a large souk which bustles to life selling a wide range of products which of course includes several almond products.

The event is accompanied by singing, dancing and story telling that will help to immerse you into the Moroccan culture as you experience a vibrant party atmosphere set amongst the earthy colours of the villagers homes.

The timing of simply hundreds of almond trees in bloom displaying wonderful pink, white and red petals is an incredibly photogenic opportunity and easy to see why so many people return each year to witness this vibrant spectacle.

It is within the almond producing town of Tafraoute, nestled amongst the Atlas Mountains and close to Agadir that the event takes place.

Travel There
Tafraoute is approximately 110 miles away from Agadir and can be reached by heading south east on the R105 where you will pass by many small villages and towns such as Ait Baha or you can head head south on the N1 to Tiznit and then head east along the R104 that will lead you to Tafraoute. Busses travel to Tafraoute on a daily basis from Agadir.

Festival Date
The Almond Tree Festival is held in early February at a time when the almond trees are in full bloom in Morocco.