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Cairo Travel Guide, Egypt
This energetic and colourful city is a wonderful blend of old and new which combine most chaotically.

The capital city of Egypt is filled with history, charm and famous symbols that have made it such a well known and popular destination to visit, but as well as well as the history and culture you will also discover that Cairo is a modern city with art galleries, top music venues, nightlife and a shoppers paradise with plenty on offer from the ancient Khan-el Khalili Bazaar to the extremely modern shopping malls where you can find all the popular western shopping chains as well as an excellent selection of quality items such as perfume, jewelry and souvenirs.

The weather in Cairo stays pretty warm during the winter months of between November and April with temperatures usually between 15 to 24*C during the day often getting cooler and dropping to between 8 and 14*C during the night. During the summer months of May to October average temperatures are between 18 and 36*C which can sometimes rise up even higher well in to the mid 40*C's. The best time to visit Cairo is during the Spring months of March, April, May and the Autumn months of September, October and November when you'll find temperatures are at there most pleasant.

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Traffic in Cairo is very chaotic and moves at a great pace, it is therefore often safer to take a taxi rather than drive or cycle.

One of the most popular sports in the City of Cairo is soccer which along with many other sporting events often takes place at the Cairo International Stadium ( Stad El-Qahira El-Dawly) which was built in 1958 and has a seating capacity for just over 74000 people. There is also the opportunity to play golf with several excellent golf courses available in Cairo such as Katameya Heights Golf and Tennis Resort, The Gezira Sporting Club and the Pyramids Golf and Country Club. The Giezira Sporting Club also has facilities for well over 30 other sports such as skateboarding, squash, table tennis, swimming and cycling. Fishing is also popular and you can fish just about anywhere along the banks of the Nile or rent a felucca (small boat) and fish or simply enjoy the Nile that way. Head for the Pyramids of Giza if you are after a camel ride which simply has to be done in this fabulous location just make sure you agree the price before you start and stick to it.

There is a huge and diverse selection of stalls, cafe's, coffee shops and restaurants in Cairo with traditional dishes such as the Egyptian national dish called Koshary which mixes together rice and pasta with chick peas, onions, garlic, lentils and chili sauce into a surprisingly popular and tasty dish, Koshery is so popular that you will find that there are several Koshery restaurants where it is the only thing on the menu. Other popular dish's include Ful medammas which is a popular breakfast dish containing fava beans and there is also a dish called Falafel which is a mixture of pulses and beans that are served as fried balls or patty's and are often with pitta bread.

Koshery, Ful Medammas and Falafel are all excellent dishes to get you started with Egyptian food, alternatively there are all the usual Western chains such as KFC, Pizza Hut, Hard Rock Cafe and TGI Fridays. Or if you want a slightly more unique dining experience then how about dining on a riverboat whilst journeying up the Nile.

Shopping in Cairo is a totally unique experience and has everything from street stalls, bazaars and tiny boutiques to large Malls with several well known Western shopping chains available. The largest Mall is the incredibly modern Citystars Mall which has 5 incredible floors packed with well over 600 stores which include both Egyptian and Western items. The Mall also offers restaurants to help keep up your shopping strength, an indoor amusement centre and an entertainment and cinema complex all within one site which is close to the airport.

To really get into the Egyptian way of shopping you have to visit the amazing Khan-el Khalili Bazaar or souk which means market place, which contains a huge number of stalls all tightly packed into medieval style streets and alleyways located in central Cairo with many traditional handmade crafts and goods as well as spices, silks, home wares, traditional clothing, jewelry and plenty of souvenir ideas to take home with you, be prepared though as haggling is a must in this area. Within the market there is the well known Fishawi's Cafe which has been running 24 hours a day for well over 200 years and is a great place to relax and enjoy watching all the activity going on around you, the coffee here is exceptionally strong.

If you do plan on buying something then you will need to brush up on your haggling technique which is often both required and expected, be prepared to take your time shopping to give yourself a good chance to find the best product at the most reasonable price.

Cairo is filled with many lively bars and clubs where you will often find great music and a good deal of dancing going on, there are also speciality bars such as jazz clubs and karaoke bars which are always entertaining, and some select bars offer live music as well. There are several more upmarket venues where you can go, such as the Cairo Opera House where you can enjoy music, dancing and art in a sophisticated setting and several Casino's where you can really dress up and enjoy yourselves, or if you wish to relax and enjoy a quiet moment to reflect on your sightseeing there are several pubs that can accommodate you. One thing to be aware of is that due to the Muslim Culture many residents of Cairo do not drink alcohol, although both alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks are served in most places if it is not then you simply need to be respectful of their culture and go somewhere else.

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Cairo is well known for its many ancient structures, mosques and museums, which combine brilliantly with the cities modern venues like the Opera House and Tower;